1953 Japan Greyhound Two Door Sport Car in Original Box

1953 Japan Greyhound Two Door Sport Car in Original Box

Very unusual two door friction coupe. Made in Japan, but without any marks to identify the manufacturer despite having the original box. Store stock never played with. Also includes original tissue paper separator.

Closely resembling a 1952-53 Ford the vehicle was created to be some type of U.S. conceived speed car. Obviously the use of the Greyhound, the fictional multicolored body, the overall sleek design and use of body speed lines were all meant to attract the young pre-"hot rod" crowd. Although now it makes for a great piece of history and is very desirable, 53 years ago it was probably unwanted. It's also most likely why it was still shelved in the 5¢ and 10¢ store and never sold.

The car is all tin litho. It features a yellow and red plaid benchseat interior, a salmon colored roof with integrated chrome front windshield frame, and a three-tone red, pale green, and mustard colored body. Portraits of a full grown greyhound (with the title "GREYHOUND") were lithoed onto both doors. It has a two piece chrome wrap around front bumper and grille/head light assembly. The front and rear bumpers are identical. It has a solid black chassis plate. The two rear tires are pressed hard rubber painted metallic blue (which is strange for a U.S. made vehicle, but not for 1953 Japan). The front tires are solid black rubber with chrome hubs. 

The only manufacturer marks are "Made in Japan" and the license plate "L.B.1953.N.Y.". The numbers represent the year it was produced. NY is probably New York. Another odd thing; although it's difficult to see in my photo's a small dog and cat are positioned looking out from the rear window. They may have been thought of as desirable to an American kid.

The fantastic box adds to its desirability because it's just as "foreign" looking as the car. Notice that the second "S" was left off the word "Sports". There is no siren sound. Just the typical high pitched whine of a friction motor. Advertised as "runs by friction not a wind up toy" was meant to be a selling point. The print was separately applied to the cover.

Size: 6". 

Sold: May 2005

Price Sold: $ 310


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