1957 Marx, No.2083 Heavy Duty Dump Truck in Original Box

1957 Marx, No.2083 Heavy Duty Dump Truck in Original Box

About four months ago (in 2005) I found, for the first time, an incredible steel litho dump truck manufactured by Marx. Called the "Heavy Duty Dump Truck" it had awesome deep orange and jet black coloration. I had never seen this particular truck before. It was a store stock example in mint condition. I didn't think I'd see another in any condition for some time so you can imagine my reaction when I found a second example of this beautiful truck. Although not store stock and not in strict mint condition; this is probably as close as it comes. I found it at a small Mom & Pop auction house in Indiana.  

Once again, I'm proud to offer a second example of this magnificent heavy gauge steel litho, high panel, dump truck complete with its original illustrated box and insert. It has an unusual feature of removable upper side panel extensions from the trailer bed. These are the black panels which fit into slots  located on the lower orange panels (see set of photo's 3rd down from the top). 

Beautifully designed with highly contrasted colors of gloss jet black, brilliant orange and trimmed in white. The cab is lithoed with roof lights, trimmed hood dividers, windshield wipers, hood louvers, side and door handles. Even includes the maximum tire pressure and permit numbers on the doors. It has a large silver plastic exhaust stack just behind the passenger's door. The grille was separately attached and embossed with eight louvers, headlights, and parking lights. It features a pair of spread wings reminiscent of Harley Davidson. 

The trailer body is black with solid plate undercarriage. The sides of the orange dump bed are embossed with four squares each. It has an overhanging front panel which extends out almost the entire length of the cab roof. The tail gate is hinged for dumping and was riveted into place rather than pinned. It has six heavy tread wheels with steel litho hubs. 

The manual dump lever has never been used (the typical scuff left by the lever on the underside of the dump bed is noticeably absent). In fact, the only paint chipping on the entire truck is on the bed underside. One chip on either side caused by someone letting the bed hit down on the two frame resting tabs and a third smaller chip from hitting the frame edge. 

The original box includes a very nice line illustration of the truck on two panels. One set of endflaps is still factory sealed. The original insert fits into the dump bed to keep the edges from rubbing against the inside of the box.

Size: 20" long x 7½" wide x 8¼" tall.

Sold: Jul. 2005

Price Sold: $ 316


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