1964, Marx International Sports Car Racers in Original Box

1964, Marx International Sports Car Racers in Original Box

Complete set of electric International Sports Car Racers by Marx. Complete and never. I bought it from the estate of the original owner; an elderly Indiana couple who purchased it for their grandchildren to play with while visiting. Like so many other toys, once purchased it was stored in their attic and forgotten. Best of all I tested the two racers and they work great!

The set was originally bought through the Montgomery Ward catalog. A printed note inside the box indicated it was substituted for another Marx set which was sold out. 

The actual name of the toy is International Sports Car Racing Game #22284. I couldn't find any reference to this specific set either in old Montgomery Ward or Sears-Roebuck catalogs. 

It's complete and unused. The track has never been taken out of the box. It includes two 5#" plastic racers; a Mercedes Benz and Jaguar XKE. Both have their original drivers, steering wheels, windshield, electric motors, bushings and rubber tires. The car numbers 5 and 22 are factory painted onto the bodies. However each does have two or three small decals; BUT the decal sheet is complete and unused. 

It includes the following.

  • Mercedes electric racer 
  • Jaguar electric racer 
  • Both hand controllers embossed #1 and #2 
  • Road Racing power pack with factory wound electric cord 
  • Envelope containing 4 additional "shoes" (bushings) 
  • Envelope containing 30 metal track clips 
  • Four spare rubber tires still wrapped in original tissue paper 
  • Approx. 16 pieces of white plastic fencing still in original factory tape 
  • All original wide style track (makes the shape noted in the last photo) still packed around factory newspaper packaging (and yes the track with electric connectors is present) 
  • Unused wiring with round metal leads 
  • Unused full color decal sheet 
  • Unused application to join MINRA (Miniature International Racing Association) 
  • Montgomery Ward "Thank You" note apologizing for product substitution 
  • 4 page direction and assembly booklet 
  • Packing slip 
  • 6 folded cardboard inserts 
  • Tissue packing for racers 
  • Original box with Marx, Girard factory mailing label addressed to Montgomery Ward. 

Size: Box 12½" x 8" x 6¼". Weight 6lbs.

Sold: Jun. 2010

Price Sold: $ 121


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