c.1951 Yonezawa Boeing B-50 Superfortress in Original Box

c.1951 Yonezawa Boeing B-50 Superfortress in Original Box

Magnificent tin litho, friction powered "Boeing B-50 Superfortress" complete with original box. Purchased from the collection of decorated military hero Captain Geoffrey Webster. Manufactured in Japan by Yonezawa with a wingspan of 19" it was the largest Korean War era B-50 toy bomber produced. Japanese toy construction at its best!

Gorgeous aircraft was realistically designed and authentically lithographed based on the four engine heavy bomber. The actual plane was used during the last days of WWII. However it really came into its own during the Korean War and saw continuous use through the early 1960's. It was the first Strategic Air Command aircraft that doubled as a true nuclear deterrent. 

The toy is completely tinplate with very realistic lithographed details and embossed markings. It prominently displays its two twin .50 caliber machine guns separately tabbed to the top of the fuselage. Powered by friction rotation of its four rubber tires, the four metal-blade propellers rotate simultaneously without any hesitation or slowness. Two smaller tinplate wheels provide balance. Still has its original $2.29 Kresge price sticker.

The rare original box features a panel-wide color print of the B-50 in action. The Yonezawa and Tomiyama trademarks were printed in the lower right corner. It's all corrugated cardboard with hinged lid and original flaps. The bomber itself was lithoed with the Yonezawa trademark below the tail wing.

Size: Wingspan 19", Fuselage 14¾". Box 19" x 7" x 6". 

Sold: Jul. 2012

Price Sold: $ 770


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