c.1958 Ideal, Mickey and Donald Speedway in Original Box

c.1958 Ideal, Mickey and Donald Speedway in Original Box

Outstanding mint in box store stock and a toy I've never seen before. This Mickey and Donald Speedway is reminiscent of a carnival game; the players propel a steel ball from a tightly curved steel ribbon. Every time the ball enters a side shoot it moves the race car just a little bit further ahead. When the car gets to the end of the track it tilts a flag up which signals a winner. The toy comes complete with its original box and both original inserts. It also has it original rear steel support legs.

Huge 17" tin litho race track on plastic base with plastic race cars and plastic figure heads. Colorful lithography shows many Disney characters along the side lines cheering their favorite car. 

Old store stock never played with; Strips of packing cardboard which keep the steel balls from moving around during shipping have never been removed (and they're impossible to reinsert once removed) (see photo below). First time out of the box was for these photo's. Marked Walt Disney Productions. 

Original box features full panel illustration of a large racecourse with racers passing Disney characters in the grand stand. Mickey and Donald drive by wearing driving helmet and goggles. Side panels have an accurate drawing of the toy with playing instructions. Donald's three nephews play cheerfully while Mickey and Donald look on. Advertised as "hours of endless fun". Includes both inserts. 

Size: 17" x 6" x 5".

Sold: Sep. 2005

Price Sold: $ 150


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