c.1950 Halco, The Texan Holster Set in Original Box

c.1950 Halco, The Texan Holster Set in Original Box

Ornate Halco Brand five piece Texan holster set. Unused, unfired store stock complete with original box. Consists of two die cast nickel plated pistols with translucent "root-beer" horse-head grips, separate black and white fringed holsters, and belt with nickel plated buckle. 

Fancy doo-dad's and scrollwork throughout were most likely used to make it look richer than it actually is. The pieces look fantastic, especially since they were never used, but it was still one of the cheaper sets. Lightweight die cast metal was used  to manufacture the guns. The color and design of the grips is also beautiful, but brittle styrene plastic was used to produce them.

The holsters have five levels of stacked die cut ornamentation topped off with chrome plate conchos with red and yellow jewels. Despite their terrific appearance they were made from a laminate of plastic and cardboard which was both stapled and sewn together. They have both original lanyards made from "all-natural" vinyl.  

The belt features an ornately embossed chrome plated metal buckle with roped scrollwork around the edges. The belt, like the holster, is a laminate of plastic and cardboard.

The original box has a full color illustration of a bucking bronco on the cover. Ranch hands and children cheer the rider on. It's interesting to note that the cowboy in the foreground is wearing a different gun from that sold inside the box.

Size: Pistols 7¾", Holsters 11½", Belt 26". Box 10½" x 12½" x 1½". 

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 119


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