1927 Kingsbury, Clockwork Golden Arrow Racer in Original Box

1927 Kingsbury, Clockwork Golden Arrow Racer in Original Box

I couldn't believe my eyes when I made this unbelievable find almost a year ago. Purchased directly from the Iowa estate of the original owner comes this magnificent windup clockwork Kingsbury, Golden Arrow Racer in excellent+ condition complete with its original box. It's the one and only time I've ever found the box for this toy. This is not the reproduction toy which has been making the rounds. This is the 1927 original, box and all. 

The gold paint on this 19" beauty is original. With the exception of the driver's head, nothing has been repainted. The solid black rubber tires with gold hubs are also all original. So too, are the celluloid windshield and steel frame. All original. The paint has mellowed to a coppery-goldish brown hue over time that I couldn't capture in the photo's. In the photo's it just looks like an awesome gold car. It's an entirely different experience in person. 

The box is a treasure in its own right! Black, gold, and red. Only three colors were used to depict its awesome art deco illustration of the Golden Arrow Racer blasting by at its top speed of 231.5 miles per hour. As stated on the box it was made with permission of the driver, Major Henry Seagrave. The actual automobile was driven a total of only 18.74 miles. Seagrave died several years later while attempting to capture the world water speed record. The narrow side panels of the box have a detailed lithograph portrait of Major Segrave adorned with flags. The endflaps include the statement that it's "a durable electrically welded toy with baked enamel finish, hand decorated, equipped with vulcanized rubber tires, and strong clocksteel spring motor". And the motor works beautifully! 

Size: 19" x 4½" at its widest point. 

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 1525


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