c.1914 Lehmann, No.686 Berolina Clockwork Open Touring Car

c.1914 Lehmann, No.686 Berolina Clockwork Open Touring Car

Scarce pre-WWI clockwork open touring "Berolina Automobile" manufactured by Lehmann. Tinplate vehicle named after a famous Berlin landmark it features a multiple folding retractable fabric roof which anchors to the front radiator. It grades excellent to excellent+ and the coil spring motor works great!

The "Berolina Automobile" is one of the most beautiful and intricately designed Lehmann vehicles. Its specialized roof folds down as an open touring car, or opens to create a sturdy overhead enclosure. 

The toy also features its original driver with movable arms, working steering wheel and movable front wheels. Lehman  even had a separate patent for the rear seats with collapsing seat back cushions and hinges which permitted them to fold up against the interior sides. Additional original amenities including its working brass finished hand brake, celluloid windshield fixed to a flexible base, metal spoke tires, brass finished radiator details, Lehmann radiator flag, and attached polished key.

The body was elegantly lithographed in deep purple and trimmed with gold highlights. It has a bright red interior and chassis, silver tires with red spokes, white underside, and red roof supports. The coloring of the drivers coat and collar matches the car body and chassis.

Size: 6¾" x 3¾" tall (with roof in up position) x 3". 

Sold: Sep. 2012

Price Sold: $ 1575


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