1950 GAMA 125, Acrobatic Motorbike Chimp in Original Box

1950 GAMA 125,  Acrobatic Motorbike Chimp in Original Box

Magnificent clockwork tin litho Acrobatic Motorbike Chimp manufactured by GAMA, U.S. Zone, Germany. Scarce toy complete with prized original box, plus its original nickel plated, embossed GAMA key. 

Performs beautifully with several repetitive complex actions. Start/stop switch located on right gas tank. Once wound and activated the chimp goes from a sitting position to a complete upright stance. He then tilts forward with his palms resting on the handlebar grips. He then appears to do a frontal handstand with his feet completely free from touching the seat. He then raises again up to a standing position and repeats the handstand. He then lowers himself to his starting sitting position on the seat and the cycle repeats. All this occurs while the toy is moving. Just amazing!

Features intricately detailed chimp character dressed in blue trousers with yellow striped seams, a yellow double buttoned coat with blue collar and cuffs, and topped off with a bright red fez. Tied around his waist is a purple felt coat tail which is original.

This toy is so well detailed that his ears were embossed and separately tabbed to the head. In this way, his ears appear to wiggle as he goes through his acrobat routine. Also features steerable front wheel, chrome handlebars with rubber grips and three gauge dashboard.

The clockwork motor is covered with a silver, red, and black rib embossed housing. The bike has running boards on both sides, a rear luggage rack, and a fender enclosed rear wheel. Both tires are treaded solid rubber with chromed metal hubs. The underside is solid metal plate lithoed with the manufacturer's name and origin. 

Overall a solid, high quality toy. In fact it was so well constructed that it's one of the few tin litho toys with separate halves which line up perfectly. (see photo).

The beautifully rendered box features a cartoon-like color illustration of the chimp driver speeding through a desert oasis. Fellow chimps in coconut trees look on as he speeds by. The two side panels include three schematic drawings which serve as instructions. 

Size: 6¾".

Sold: Sep. 2005

Price Sold: $ 1625


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