1959 Bandai Cadillac 4-dr Convertible in Original Box

1959 Bandai Cadillac 4-dr Convertible in Original Box

Magnificent brilliant cherry red 4-Door Cadillac Convertible by Bandai in near mint to near mint+ condition. Huge 12" long tin litho friction drive comes complete with original box. This is the model with the largest tail fins Cadillac ever made. Friction motor works great!

Car is all embossed tin litho (red body) with twin bench seat interior (green/black plaid), detailed dashboard, four bullet-style red tail lights, and immense wrap around chrome plated front grille and bumper. Styling for 1959 features tall elongated tail fins raised #" above the height of the rear trunk and enclosed rear wheel wells. 

Chrome plated features also include windshield frame with smoker's windows, 4 door handles, rear bumper assembly embossed wheel covers, hood vent, and authentic Cadillac hood ornament. It has its original blue tinted celluloid windshield, white plastic steering wheel, Bandai black embossed solid plate chassis, rear Cadillac license plate, and black rubber whitewall tires. 

Box is from Bandai's Model Auto Series No. 722 stating "Cadillac, The New Standard of the World In Majesty". Red diamond on one end of the box bottom correctly corresponds with the body color. 

Size: 12". 

Sold: Sep. 2012

Price Sold: $ 730


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