c.1936 Tipp & Co., Camouflaged Searchlight Truck

c.1936 Tipp & Co., Camouflaged Searchlight Truck

Superb pre-war clockwork tin litho Camouflaged Searchlight Truck manufactured in Germany by Tipp & Co. Clockwork motor works great. Searchlight works great using original bulb. Overall in outstanding near mint condition. 

Heavy duty 6-wheel military vehicle lithoed in patched camouflaged colors of green, beige, and brown. Closed cab design with exterior windshield visor and working drivers door with handle. Includes both original front bumper pins. 

Located just behind the cab is a storage bin/bench seat with hinged lid. And in the rear is the awesome searchlight. It can be rotated manually 360º, as well as tilt up and down. The wiring is all original, as well as the glass lens and flat style bulb. 

The base underneath the searchlight holds the European style battery. The base locks in place with its original catch. Its on/off switch is located on the front left corner of the searchlight base and it works great!

The white tires are all tin litho and have black litho treads. Each has Dunlop Balloon lettering, brown centers and yellow hubs. The front axle can be positioned for forward, right, or left movement. 

Includes separate old key with long stem. This avoids scratching the fender when winding. 

Size: 10".

Price Sold: $ 440


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