c.1935 Marx, Sky Hawk Tower Aeroplane in Original Box

c.1935 Marx, Sky Hawk Tower Aeroplane in Original Box

Outstanding tin litho clockwork toy features two low-wing monoplanes circling an airport tower. It comes complete with both original monoplanes and its original box. This toy also has the distinction of having the longest running clockwork motor built by Marx during the 1930's. References state that it can run up to 6 minutes. This example topped out at just over 4 minutes which is still a long running time. 

The monoplanes are blue-green with silver highlights and blue celluloid propellers. Each is weighted towards the front. Rather than centering them, the rotation point is mounted at a downward 45° angle on the side of the tower roof.  It's this design that keeps this toy running for so long. 

The tower is beautifully lithographed with an old-time airport. Three grounds men signal incoming planes by semaphore. One plane is being guided by a beacon on the roof of the airport. 

The box is a simple text type which was commonly used by Marx during the 30's. "Tower Aeroplane" was the category name given by Marx for this type of toy. Several variations were produced. This one includes assembly instructions and schematics on one of the side panels. 

Size: 8" tall tower. Monoplanes are 19-1/2" apart when mounted. 

Sold: Nov. 2005

Price Sold: $ 760


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