1925 Keystone, Original 32pg. Color Toy Catalog

1925 Keystone, Original 32pg. Color Toy Catalog

Wonderful, soft cover 32 page color toy catalog from one of the most important U.S. pressed steel toy manufacturers, Keystone Manufacturing Company. Terrific color cover shows young lads at play with several of the toys. 

Includes red and green hand tinted illustrations for 26 of Keystone's pressed steel products. In addition it contains the catalog number, toy name, toy description, size, weight, and original retail price for each item. 

It includes steam shovels, dump trucks, loaders, steam roller with air whistle, wrecking car, mail truck, army truck, ambulance, chemical pump engine, water tower truck with working pump, fire trucks, aerial ladder truck, mail planes, locomotive, train cars, "Koaster" trucks, Police Patrol, Sprinkler Truck, Moving Van, and Railway Express. 

Also has 11 black and white illustrations and information details regarding Keystone's optical Moviegraphs and Radioptican products. 

Size: 3½" x 6". 

Sold: Dec. 2005

Price Sold: $ 101


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