c.1949 Cie Industrielle Jouet, 4-Man Bobsled in Original Box

c.1949 Cie Industrielle Jouet, 4-Man Bobsled in Original Box

Beautifully detailed French clockwork tinplate bobsleigh with four identical composition riders. Comes complete with original box and key. Excellent+ condition and works great! Never seen this toy before.

Features four bobsleigh riders hand painted in matching yellow uniforms with blue trim and black boots. Each sits in the with hands at their sides leaning back to shift their weight for balance.  Their only safety "net" is a narrow metal railing. The sled is heavy gauge tinplate painted blue with yellow stenciling. The circular design at the front of the sled represents the manufacturer's initials C-I-J (English for Toy Industrial Company).

The clockwork motor underneath the cowl turns a complex gear mechanism which rotates its two front, solid rubber tires. Two smaller polished tin wheels are in back. It winds up using the separate cast iron key. The steering wheel is metal and it turns, but isn't connected to anything.

The box features a full color illustration of the 4-man team leaning into a speeding turn. While investigating the toy I found one other example of this toy painted red and white; similar to the cover. The side panels show the mountainous bobsled course with evergreens and the judges booth. The lower right corner of this panel has its original F.A.O. Schwarz sales sticker. Most likely it was an expensive toy which saw limited distribution. Course observers were included on the opposite panel. The flaps include the toy catalog number and name. 

Size: 8". 

Sold: Dec. 2012

Price Sold: $ 2083


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