1939 Chein No. 128 Pan American Airways China Clipper

1939 Chein No. 128 Pan American Airways China Clipper

Super scarce clockwork tin litho Pan American Airways (PAA) China Clipper manufactured by J. Chein & Co. This is the first, and only example of this toy I've seen.

Accurately designed after Pan Am's legendary China Clipper service it features its characteristic single, high ribbed-wing with four (freely spinning) propellers; two on each side of the fuselage.

The fuselage was divided into three vertical levels; cockpit plus two passenger compartments. Chein used alternating colors of mandarin red and ocher yellow to more clearly visualize them. The wing was lithoed metallic blue with silver engines and red props. Seven narrow windows were lithoed around the cockpit. A beautifully streamlined sloping arch leads from the wing down to the cockpit area.

The toy separates into two sections; top wing and fuselage using its original swing clip. Accurately rendered PAA and China Clipper logos were lithoed onto both sides of the forward fuselage. The Chein logo is slightly forward and between the front axle

The toy balances and runs on three wheels, two large (tin litho) up front, and one small wooden wheel in the rear (mounted onto a polished tin support. It has an attached key. The internal clockwork motor is completely enclosed.

Size: 10" fuselage, 11" wingspan.

Date Sold: Sept. 2009

Price Sold: $ 791


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