1911 Hess, Hessmobile Flywheel Racer w/Original Driver & Mechanic

1911 Hess, Hessmobile Flywheel Racer w/Original Driver & Mechanic

One of the all time classic antique German transportation toy' is this early 20th century Hessmobile Racer. Produced during a time when racing meant including your mechanic along for the ride its design and function is still revered among collectors.

It's all tin litho and complete with both the original driver and mechanic. Recently purchased from a New England collection the toy grades at least Excellent. The inertia driven flywheel friction motor works great. And except for the two reproduction flags it's complete and all original.

Looking something like a large coffin its open air interior adequately seats the two forward hunched occupants. It's dark red with black and gold details with real brass finished edges. Patent information was lithoed just below seats. The Hess trademark was included on both sides of the rear quarter panels, as well as the formal Johann Hess trademark above the rear bumper. "Hessmobile" was proudly lithoed near the top front of the radiator.

The automobile is operated using the front crank to wind up the motor; just like the actual car. Lifting the toy disengages the motor. However, once set onto a surface the entire transmission including the steering wheel lowers by approximately 1". This engages the now-spinning front flywheel axle and it takes off!

Service of any of the engine components is easily accomplished by lifting the front hood. Once service is completed it clips right back into place. The underside of the hood is polished tin. The end facing the firewall is brass finished.

There's not much more to say other than it's an awesome car which seldom becomes available.....especially with both original occupants and in such a high state of preservation.

102 years ago you could've bought it for 57¢.

Size: 9".

Sold: Mar. 2013

Price Sold: $ 3433


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