c.1956 Nomura, Mechanized (Robby) Robot in Original Box

c.1956 Nomura, Mechanized (Robby) Robot in Original Box

One of the most difficult to find of all 20th century toy robots is this early version of Nomura's "Mechanized (Robby) Robot". It comes complete with its original illustrated box, insert, and rare in-box sales brochure.

This is the earliest production version of this toy requiring insertion of a single C-Cell battery into each leg. It was quickly redesigned to use D-Cells when it was realized that C's were not powerful enough to drive its weight. It's estimated that only 12 examples of the black lithoed C-Cell Robby's exist and this is one of them. It's in excellent+ to near mint condition, complete, all original, and all functions work great!

The toy was also produced with a silver lithographed exterior in both C and D-Cell versions. It's estimated that only 8 of the Silver C-Cell's are known. The silver D-Cell Robby's are also rare, but not to the same extent as the C's.

In addition to the difference in battery type this early version uses a simple side mounted knurled metal knob handle on the exterior of each battery door. The door stays closed by forced compression against the opposite sidewall and the knob does not turn. Some D-Cell versions were also produced using the same knurled knob, but it would stay closed by turning a latch (i.e., the knob would turn). The majority of production toys have a flat metal butterfly key in the door which turns to latch and close.

The box was illustrated in full color and features a red colored Mechanized Robot on four of the cover panels. The fifth panel shows it as gold or yellow. The left panel includes a drawing of the Robby Space Patrol vehicle. A short list of instructions (with a spelling error) was printed on the right panel.The box grades excellent to excellent+.

It also comes with an original Showa sales brochure which most likely would've been included inside the box when it was first sold. Folded it measures 5¼" x 7½" and features Mechanized Robot on the cover. It unfolds showing detailed schematic instructions for inserting batteries (but not into a Mechanized Robot). The reverse side shows black and white promotional photos for 20 additional toys including the super rare Musical Drummer Robot. Only a scant few of these brochures have been found. The photograph of Mechanized Robot on the brochure shows it with the early knurled knob handle (see green arrow below).

Of course Mechanized Robot was designed from the popular Robby The Robot made famous in the Disney film, Forbidden Planet. Like the film version the toy has flashing head lights, spinning circular ear antennae (ears), and pumping pistons in the head. During operation it walks straight ahead, makes a 180° turn, and then walks forward again. The action is then repeated. The arms also sway slightly as it walks. Again, everything works beautifully as originally intended.

Size: 12¼". 

Sold: Aug. 2013

Price Sold: $ 9850


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