c.1950 Nikko Toy, Three Wheel R.K.T. (Rocket) Car

c.1950 Nikko Toy, Three Wheel R.K.T. (Rocket) Car

Here's an unusual tin litho space car called the "Rocket Car" or R.K.T. made in Japan by Nikko Toys. I've never seen it before and the only references I could find refer back to this specific example. In other words there was no other example of this toy, other than this one, that I could find.

Based on the sleek streamlined design and split front windshield I estimate its manufacture around 1950. That's almost 10 years before upright tail fins and a rocket-like exhaust were used in production or concept vehicles. The front grille design and the four in-line ventilator holes lithoed on either side of the front hood also date it to the late 1940's or early 1950's

This is a three wheeled vehicle, not four and was used on some of the earliest post war toys. The front wheel, which is painted metal, doesn't turn. The rear pair are metal disks with black rubber around the rims.

It's a friction drive vehicle with teal (blue-green) body decorated with sparkling "stars". Red and orange flames were lithoed onto the tail fin tips. The side windows are trimmed in orange and yellow. The manufacturer's trademark was lithoed onto the left rear fender. The front grille and windshield frame are polished tin. The underside is embossed and tinted with a bronze finish. The original 79¢ stamped price can still be clearly read. It has its original red tinted sheet of celluloid film above the exhaust. Areas of white spots were due to light glare.

Size: 6¾"

Sold: Oct. 2013

Price Sold: $ 405


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