c.1962 Masudaya, Battery Operated "M-18 Space Tank" in Original Box

c.1962 Masudaya, Battery Operated

Scarce battery operated "M-18 Space Tank" manufactured by Masudaya. Recently found in a hoard of unused 1950's and 60's toys in Maryland. Condition is pristine near mint and every function works great (including both original flashing lights). Comes with original box in EXC+ condition which also includes insert.

Toy features basic space tank lower section with lithoed treads and rotating wheels. The upper half however has a really cool pilot or driver encapsulated in a clear plastic bubble. During operation the driver's right arm clicks rapidly up and down. I can't recall seeing an enclosed driver which did anything but sit there.

Directly behind the driver's bubble is the original 3-piece plastic antenna which rotates while moving. The battery box is located behind the antenna with the on/off switch just to the right. In the rear are two round light bulbs, red and green. Each is surrounded by a conical spring. During operation these flash on and off in sequence; never at the same time.

The toy runs with stop and go motion. The two rear springs come into play whenever it backs into something; it sort of "bounces" off.

A simple yet elegant toy and everything works great!

The box was printed with an accurate illustration of the M-18 Space Tank jetting over an extra-terrestrial surface. A rocket can be seen in the back ground. The original insert was intricately die cut to protect the toy. It's great that it still exists.

Size: 8¼" x 4" x 8" tall (including antenna).

Sold: Nov. 2013

Price Sold: $ 540


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