1955 Nomura, Friction "Merry-Go-Round" Truck in Original Box

1955 Nomura, Friction

Outstanding friction powered tin litho "Merry-Go-Round Truck" manufactured by Nomura, Japan. Works great! Comes complete with original illustrated box.

This toy was produced by Nomura in both friction (1955) and battery operated versions (1957). Both are difficult to find.  

One of its most attractive features is the detailed color lithography and design. The truck itself has a red cab with white roof and polished tin details (split windshield frame, hood divider, front bumper and grille, and door step). A detailed litho of a Clarabelle type clown with two children was included on the top of the cab roof. The trailer section is bright forest green. 

The Merry Go-Round platform is outlined in red and has a lime green top section and yellow on the underside. The Merry-Go-Round section includes three die cut children on brown or white horses. Yellow and red striped columns support the canopy. The center stalk was lithoed with calliope pipes. The floor resembles wood grain and includes both the manufacturer's and importer's trademarks. The embossed canopy has alternating color diamonds of red, white, and blue outlined in yellow. A red stripe with white diamonds decorates the canopy edges.

The tires are solid black rubber with polished tinplate hubs. 

The toy features forward and reverse movement with simultaneous rotation of the rear Merry-Go-Round. A bell located underneath the Merry-Go-Round rings every time it makes a complete rotation. 

It has a separately tabbed license plate on the tail. It's lithoed "M-1955" (1955 being the year it was produced). The battery operated version is identical except M-1957 was used. 

The box has a beautifully illustrated color drawing of the truck with Merry-Go-Round section in operation. Happy children waving, several on-lookers and musical notes can be seen. 

Size: 8½". 

Sold: Oct. 2013

Price Sold: $ 213


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