c.1955 Yonezawa, "Space Trip Station" in Original Box

c.1955 Yonezawa,

Scarce, unusual battery operated tin litho "Space Trip Station, Electro Toy"; complete, everything working, and all original. Comes with rare original box. Just as amazing is the condition of the toy; pristine near mint+. It appears to have never been played with. 

This toy was purchased from the renowned robot and space toy collection of Enzo Peroldi. Not counting my ownership it has not been available for the last 35 years. 

The front was beautifully lithographed to resemble the controls of an operating space station including embossed dials, gauges and buttons.  The on/off lever has its original red ball cap (See 1st photo just to the right of center). When switched on the television screen illuminates with moving images of rockets, planets, and stars. At the same time the tinplate astronaut underneath the dome revolves, while every few seconds a "beep" sound is emitted. It uses a single D-cell battery. The blue radar antenna above the astronauts dome is all original and flawless.

Looking at it head on, the right side of the station includes a metal wind-up mechanism for launching the plastic "satellites" (two blue and one red). The button closest to the right edge tilts the winder forward or back. Slightly turning the other button launches the wound satellite. Two additional satellites are stored below the metal Space Trip Destination sign on the left. 

The view of the rear of the station was lithoed to look like an air terminal with a hanger underneath. Crowds of people can be seen on the upper section while below rockets are being set to launch. A saucer can be seen inside the hanger.

The Yonezawa trademark is lithoed on the end adjacent to the stored satellites. The opposite end was lithoed with the importers trademark; Tomiyama Shoji Trading Company Ltd. Both the Yonezawa and Tomiyama marks were also printed on the box.

The box is fantastic!! The front cover is illustrated in full color with an accurate rendition of the station on an extra-terrestrial surface. Rockets, planets, and the Earth can be seen against a black-blue starry background. Front and rear aprons show another drawing of the station, smaller, but no less detailed. Launching directions are included in the lower right corner. The short side panels have a great image of a flying saucer with windows. An astronaut family waves to them as it passes. 

Size: 14½" long, 3" wide, 7" tall (top of radar dish), 11½" tall (top of Destination sign). 

Sold: Nov. 2013

Price Sold: $ 1546


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