1958 Yonezawa Space Explorer Robot in Original Box

1958 Yonezawa Space Explorer Robot in Original Box

Fresh to market wind-up tin litho "Space Explorer" Robot manufactured by Yonezawa. Comes complete with scarce original box plus original insert. Purchased from the estate of the original owner. Works beautifully and in superb near mint condition!

Two versions of this robot were produced. One version does not have a retractable shoulder antenna. Although somewhat difficult to find as 1950's toy robots go, it's considered fairly "prevalent". However, this variant which includes the antenna is much more scarce and is seldom found in any condition. 

As rare as this robot is, discovery of the original box is a downright "event". Except for the fantastic Alphadrome robot site I could find no other reference to the box. In addition, although small, it still has it's original insert as well!

The toy is all embossed, heavy gauge tin litho with manually moving arms. The key is attached. Once wound, flip the lever down (below the face plate) and the astronaut walks forward, one leg at a time, while emitting sparks from its head. Simultaneously the oxygen meter indicator repeatedly moves rhythmically from one end of the dial to the other. The antenna is cosmetic and serves no other function. 

The Yonezawa trademark was lithoed in the center of the white meter. Just below this point "Made in Japan" was also included (see 2nd to last photo). The metal pressing was also used to produce the Winky robot, while the boy face was used for Yonezawa's crank operated astronauts.

The box features a large color illustration of an accurate rendition of the toy walking over an extra-terrestrial surface. A 1950's rocket, a doughnut space station, and a planet are shown in the background. The toy name was printed on all four box aprons. One of these includes the Yonezawa trademark. It also still has its original $1.99 price sticker on one end. The insert is a small diamond shape cardboard piece which lays in between the feet.

Size: 9½". 

Sold. Dec. 2015

Price Sold: $ 2260


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