1958 Kosuge, Batt. Op. Sports Car (Ford) Skyliner in Original Box

1958 Kosuge, Batt. Op. Sports Car (Ford) Skyliner in Original Box

Scarce battery operated version "Sports Car" (Ford) Skyliner in original box. Unlike the friction version the battery op. is stamped "Kosuge" on the exterior battery cover, instead of Nomura. It has a rotating driver's head which is also not part of the friction toy. It's in beautiful EXC+ to near mint condition complete with original box and insert.

Best of all every complex action works great!

The all tin litho vehicle moves in any direction with stop and go motion (forward, reverse, right, left) while the driver's head rotates independently of the car. As it moves the rear trunk lid opens, the roof is raised and put into place, and the trunk lid closes. It waits a couple seconds, the trunk lid raises again, the roof retracts back into the compartment., and the trunk lid closes. The car and driver are continuously moving while the trunk and roof are being raised and lowered.

It's two-toned cream and orange with orange trunk lid. The chassis is solid black tinplate. It has lots of chrome body trim plus a rear license plate with FORD printed on it. The FORD name was also lithoed on the center of each plated wheel hub. The driver consists of a full head and arms. The slightly raised shoulders are integrated as part of the interior. It has a separate tin plate steering wheel and original blue tinted celluloid windshield. The tires are solid black rubber and it's powered with a single D-cell battery.

The box has a full panel color illustration of the Skyliner (in it's convertible "state") with driver and child passenger. San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge can be seen in the backgroud. It's marked with both the Kosuge and Nomura trademarks. The original insert is a simple cardboard strip.

Size: 9". 

Sold: Jul. 2014

Price Sold: $ 335


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