c.1940 Marx, Gull Oil Electric Service Station in Original Box

c.1940 Marx, Gull Oil Electric Service Station in Original Box

Here's a beautiful, scarce "Gull Oil Electric Service Station" by Marx. I've only seen a handful and it's the first one I've seen which was complete. It's also the first original box and instructions I've seen. And in excellent+ condition it's also the highest grade example I've seen.

Like the Marx company did frequently the toy was built with the same base, buildings, pumps, and car lift used for other Marx sets such as the Used Car Lot, Bus Terminal, General Alarm Fire House. Only the lithography is different. However, one of the big differences between this and some of the other sets; its production was cut short after only one year due to the War. Which is why so few have been found.

It's all lithographed tinplate with a pressed steel truck. It has two electrically lighted gas pumps wired to a battery hidden in the building. The bulbs are new reproductions. The pump handles and hoses are original. Three "stand-up" signs separate the pumps. The one in the center holds four NOS unmarked rubber tires.

The lift raises and lowers manually. The side lever has its original wooden handle. A tin litho air pump is in the right rear corner by the lift.

The buildings were lithoed with white bricks and glass windows. From the rear you can see men mechanics and car washers working among the vehicles. The roofs to the Washing and Greasing stations are corrugated and lithoed with a large white sea gull in the center above a blue ocean with the name Gull Oil above and below. A lever behind the center building turns the lights on and off. Joe Freeman completely rewired the toy and install a new positive terminal inside the building.

The dump truck is blue and yellow with black wooden wheels and stamped "Made in USA". The radiator assembly has a bronze finish which I haven't seen before. There are no identifying marks. Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys indicated that the set included an identical size, color, and stamped truck except it was a tow truck. However, the dump truck is original to this set.

The box is is one piece with the lid hinged in the back. It's printed in red on a yellow background on the top and sides. The front and rear were printed red on a white background. The instructions show installation of the gas pump bulbs and their operation.

Size: 17" 11" x 3". Truck 4½". 

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