1936 Lionel, #44 Speed Boat in Original Box

1936 Lionel, #44 Speed Boat in Original Box

Fantastic example of Lionel's #44 Clockwork Speedboat with composition figures, key, and original stand. It all comes complete with its original box.

Classic 12 cylinder streamlined speed boat moves with rotating propeller and steerable rudder. Hull (green and white) and deck (faux wooden planks) are tin litho. Propeller and rudder are pressed steel. Engines are die cast metal. Figures are composition. Both figures are wired into their seat because they fall out and are easily damaged. 

Correct original box for No.44 dated 1936 by the company that produced the box. Has it's original end label. Sealing tape which was opened is marked "electric" because it was the same tape that would've been used to seal Lionel's electric trains. The boat is not electric and again the box is correct. 

Best of all it works great!

Size: 18". 

Sold: Sep. 2014

Price Sold: $ 1593


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