1953 Marx Rex Mars Sparkling Space Tank In Original Box

1953 Marx Rex Mars Sparkling Space Tank In Original Box

Superb clockwork tin litho dough boy style tank from Marx in blazing near mint condition complete with original box and correct Marx key.

Tank moves forward making random left or right turns. Simultaneously a loud grinding sound is produced while sparks fly out of the front turret.

Features a pop-up helmeted space guy with space rifle. The hatch raises periodically, the gunner emerges, aims, "fires", and drops back down into the tank; the cover closes automatically after him.

The toy is beautifully lithographed in a matte finish of light blue, dark blue, red, white, and bronze with mucho space graphics (rockets, ray guns, exhaust pipe trailing brown smoke, and tank wheels). The pilot and co-pilot are lithoed in front, just below the turret. The rear shows a series of exhausts with trailing plumes of white smoke. The Marx logo is on the underside.

The box was also covered with lots of space graphics which include the tank from different angles, as well as the helmeted space guys blasting their way through the unknown. Also includes correct inner flap which was printed with a schematic illustration and instructions for replacing the flint. An "important" note was also added which indicated how to avoid breaking the hatch cover.

It also comes with its original and correct Marx die cast key. The key is separate and is usually lost or replaced with an incorrect key.

The toy works beautifully. A few key winds, flip the start/stop lever to start (located on the top front corner edge) and off it goes!

Size: 10" x 4" x 5"

Sold: Aug. 2009

Price Sold: $ 516


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