1931 Marx, Mechanical Officer 6-6-6 (2) in Original Box

1931 Marx, Mechanical Officer 6-6-6 (2) in Original Box

I recently purchased this Marx, Officer 6-6-6 from the estate of the original owner. The toy is scarce and difficult to find although it does show up occasionally in lower grades. However this one comes with its original box which is only the second one I've seen!

The Marx company produced only 5 different large mechanical walkers from 1928 through 1931. "Officer 6-6-6" was the last of the series and saw only limited production near the end of 1931. 

Although I've seen it only a few times it's frequently misidentified as "Walking Clancy" which was the name of a Strauss toy.  The Greenberg Guide to Marx Toys, Vol 1. also named it incorrectly as Clancy probably because there was no example of the box to reference it.

The 1931 Sears-Roebuck catalog (see below) included a detailed description of the toy and it's actions (i.e., face changes expression, arms swing, and body sways). It originally cost 48¢. 

Best of all the toy works great. Exactly as it's supposed to without any hesitation or falling over. The arms, which are sometimes replaced, are completely original.

The box features a large comic illustration of the Officer standing behind his 6-6-6 badge. His eyes and mouth are open and he's shown holding a raised night stick. The side panels were printed with a silhouette of the Officer chasing a kid with a banana. A 6-6-6 badge lies between them. The end flaps include the toy name, catalog number (which interestingly is No.666), plus the Marx name and logo.

One other point about the box; all three top flaps are original and in place. The three bottom flaps were missing. I replaced the two interior bottom flaps with cardboard from another 1930's Marx toy. This strengthened the sides of the box which kept it from crushing They can easily be removed if you choose. 

Size: 11". 

Sold: Aug. 2014

Price Sold: $ 2037


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