1936 Hubley, No. 304 Cast Iron Giro-Plane

1936 Hubley, No. 304 Cast Iron Giro-Plane

This example of Hubley's popular cast iron Giro-Plane (Gyrocopter) has to be one of the best I've seen. In addition to it being difficult to find it was also very popular and still remains that way. Which is why most are found rusted, chipped, and/or incomplete. But not this time. This is example is all original including the tires, main propeller, and copter blades. 

It has a gorgeous dark (but not excessively) blue fuselage, wings, and tail section. "Giro" and "Plane" in raised letters are on each of the top-side main wings. "Hubley" in raised letters is present underneath the right wing. 

The only paint loss are a couple of minuscule chips on the underside edge of the fuselage, the top edge of the rear rudder, a small spot on the center fuselage just behind the cockpit (from blade rotation), and the ground contact point underneath the tail wings. That's it! Even the edges of the wing tips are near pristine. Only the faintest spot of wear can be seen in my close-up photo's on the edges and underside. The factory paint is all original without any touch-up and is easily 99% present. 

In addition nickel plated cast iron cowling and front propeller are in amazing condition without any of the rust which is so frequently seen. The cotter pin holding the prop in place is slightly loose, but still securely connected. But regardless of this it's the original cotter pin; not a replacement. And the 4 polished nickel copter blades are probably the best I've seen with just a hint of discoloration on some of the edges and no rust. 

Even the white rubber tires which are so susceptible to cracking, deformation, and replacement are two of the best I've seen. They do have some barely perceptible cracking, but it's discontinuous, very few in number, and are so smooth they can't be felt with your fingertip. Only one, the right, has the slightest discernible deformation with just two very faint flat spots. 

Size: 4½"

Sold: Jan. 2015

Price Sold: $ 240


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