c.1958 Aoshin Space Patrol XX-01 In Original Box

c.1958 Aoshin Space Patrol XX-01 In Original Box

This is one toy I had been trying to find for years with its original box! The battery operated Space Patrol by Aoshin. It's in beautiful near mint condition, all complete, and with every function working! Even better it comes in its original box with original insert! It's the only example I've seen with the box.

Looking like something out of a B-grade horror movie, Aoshin combined elements of:

1) a flashy 1950s car (2dr. sports car, canted fins, Buick grille, rubber tires with chrome plated covers), with

2) a rocket (canted fins now super elongated, rear mounted engine with polished tin trunk scoop and red transparent "valves", quadruple exhausts),

3) insect-like features (multi-faceted "eye" polished tin head lights, brilliant orange twin oval ribbed domes, lightning base metal antennae, segmented vertical strips), and

4) a spring loaded hood mounted gun which shoots a large falcon rocket, flashing lights, and a loud "jet engine noise".

Put all these things together and you've got yourself one very unusual and very awesome space vehicle.

Space Patrol has an embossed tin litho body and fins. Polished tin front grille, rear engine air intake, tail lights, and front (Falcon) projectile mount. Polystyrene plastic twin orange domes with polyethylene plastic lightning bolts. The antennae are metal. The wheel covers and falcon rocket are also plastic. The underside chassis all tin litho. The interior holder of the battery box is white plastic.

Battery operation moves the vehicle forward with random "mystery action". Lights flash from the twin domes and the rear red clear plastic engine cover. The jet engine noise is produced simultaneously. And lastly, the falcon rocket fires by pushing down on the yellow hood button. To repeat again ....all of this stuff works! Sound, moving, lights, and the Falcon rocket fires!

Every part is original to the toy. Nothing has been replaced or repaired.

Just finding this toy was awesome enough, but finding it with its original box, complete and intact, was absolutely amazing. And on top of that the original insert was still inside! The cover features a panel wide, full color illustration showing the Space Patrol at the base of a lunar mountain just as it launches the falcon projectile. A few small enclosed lunar buildings are shown in the background along with a large rocket. The Earth hovers in the upper right corner. The front and rear aprons include another fabulous drawing of the Space Patrol, all by itself, on the lunar surface firing its falcon rocket. The pocked lunar landscape is shown in the background. The side aprons, again show the vehicle, stopped, on the lunar surface with mountains and the Earth in background. It's also important to point out that the box aprons extend all the way down to the base of the box. The insert for this toy is very specific. It was punched with seven specific die cut shapes.

Size: 12½"

Date Sold: Jul. 2009

Price Sold: $ 1125


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