1965 Yoshiya, Mighty Robot in Original Box

1965 Yoshiya, Mighty Robot in Original Box

Yoshiya's (KO) battery operated "Mighty Robot" was the last in a series of five skirted robots and is by far the most difficult one to find. It rarely becomes available especially in higher grades and especially with its original box! It grades a high excellent+ to near mint (C9-). The box grades VG. All functions work beautifully. 

Unlike it's *four predecessors Mighty Robot's head and arms are plastic. This allows for additional features which include flashing colored head lights and 16 simultaneously spinning colored gears; eight on each side of the head. In my humble opinion the plastic face and head "red bulb" design is one of the best-looking of any Japanese made robot.

The flared tinplate skirt and body body are bluish-silver with red metal side supports and a black under-base. The chest plate details were intricately designed and look great. The company trademark and "Made In Japan" were lithoed near the bottom curved edge of the chest plate. 

It moves with stop and go action while producing clicking sound. The 16 gears all rotate simultaneously while head lights flash continuously. Best of all every action works exactly as its supposed to without any slowness or hesitation. 

The box cover was illustrated with a very accurate representation of the toy emitting flashing head lights. The two side aprons have a smaller similar graphic of the robot. The "Mighty Robot" name and "battery operated" were printed on every panel. Like the robot the box is marked "KO" and "Made in Japan". There are no inserts.

Size: 12". 

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