c.1934 Marx, Spic & Span Garage Truck Set in Original Box

c.1934 Marx, Spic & Span Garage Truck Set in Original Box

Here's an early, super rare, pressed steel, 5 pc. vehicle set complete with its original box. Manufactured by Louis Marx it's called the "Spic & Span Garage".

You wouldn't believe how difficult this was to find. Apparently most of the 6" to 6½ long mid-30's vehicles were sold separately. Or most likely at the height of the Depression they didn't sell at all. Whatever the reason it took me almost 18 years to find this set. Pretty unbelievable for a couple of pressed steel trucks! Oh sure, on occasion you can find a completely rusted truck from this series. But try to find one that is still all original, not repainted, and in high grade conditon. To date it's still the only example I've seen.

The vehicles all grade at least excellent. The garage is complete and grades VG+ to excellent.

It includes a tanker truck, a dump truck with blue cab and red bed, a second dump truck with green cab and red bed, a stake truck, and a streamlned roadster convertible. They're are all push-type; designed without a mechanical motor. They're all streamlined (a.k.a. art deco design).

The box was orginally rectangular. instructions printed on the inside show how to fold it into a useable play garage with doors and windows that opened and closed. It has a tiled roof. Printed on the sides are gas station paraphenalia, doors and windows that open and close, and even a rest room. "Spic & Span Garage" was printed above one door.

Size: Vehicles noted above. Garage 12" x 7" x 8". 

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