1944 Planes Of Tomorrow Coloring Book, Merrill Pubications

1944 Planes Of Tomorrow Coloring Book, Merrill Pubications

"Planes of Tomorrow" is a 64 page coloring book drawn by Julian S. Krupa, one of the most prolific science fiction artists of the 20th century. Between 1939 and 1970 Mr. Krupa drew interior and cover pages for 43 issues of Amazing Stories and Fantastic Adventures (see last photo).

A different concept for futuristic air travel is featured on nearly every page; all drawn by Mr. Krupa. However the most dramatic images are the full color, soft covers. Printed on 15¾" x 10½" heavy stock paper they show fiery launch of a "jet" propelled passenger and cargo carrying "space ship". The brilliant yellow ship with it's jets blasting across a dark, colored, cloudy sky is incredible. The lower right shows a (very close) illustration of tomorrow's personal "family helicopter". The "county airpark" can be seen far below. It's "predicted" the airpark will accommodate "500,000 planes by 1950".

The color "space ship" drawing is repeated on the front (1st photo) and back covers (2nd to last photo). Different illustrations of the ship and personal helicopter were included inside the book. 10 additional concept air vehicles are also shown below.

It's interesting that the few times the term "jet" was used it referred to propulsion; not an air vehicle. Rockets, planes, helicopters, clippers, and ships are the conceived means of air travel during the WWII era. Jet as a vehicle was still a few short years away.

Size: 15¾" x 10½" x ¼" (thickness).

Date Sold: Nov. 2010

Price Sold: $ 27


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