c.1952 Sanyo Explorer Tin Litho Space Rocket

c.1952 Sanyo Explorer Tin Litho Space Rocket

Small, yet beautifully designed "Explorer" Space Rocket manufactured by Sanyo, Japan. Stamped from one piece of lithographed tinplate it's one of the earliest Japanese space toys.

Explorer design with streamlined roof and wide wheel wells faintly resembles automobiles of the same period. Lithographed in red, white, and blue and covered with stars and bars Sanyo definitely had the U.S. in mind when they made this toy. In addition to the raised body fenders the center of the toy was recessed and heightened to provide passenger and pilot compartments. Faces of square helmeted astro guys can be seen in every window. In addition it has some kind of blue light or ray on the front and a streaming rocket down the center. The underside is a solid blue embossed tinplate.

The toy is rear powered friction drive. The wheels are all polished tin. The pair of rear tires have rubber gripping rims.

Other than "Japan" there are no markings on the toy.

Size: 4¼"

Date Sold: Apr. 2011

Price Sold: $ 130


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