1967 Technofix, Big Dipper In Original Box

1967 Technofix, Big Dipper In Original Box

Awesome tin litho battery operated "Big Dipper" (Acterbahn) in beautiful near mint working condition. Comes complete with 2 track switch levers, 3 correct coaster cars, 2 flags, and the original box. Everything is original and without any repairs or touch-up's.

Toy consists of two double-limbed tiers supporting approximately 7 feet of blue, red, yellow and white railed track. Tracks are set into a detailed full color image tin litho base which shows surrounding fairgrounds with vehicles, trailers, people and two Technofix logos. Pennant flags (both included) inserted at the top of each tier are frequently lost.

A plastic enclosure with start/stop switch houses the electric motor and batteries. The motor rotates a "hidden" coil spring located under the right rail of the blue ascending track. Once in position the right rear axle of each coaster car is caught between the coils. Rotation of the spring pulls the car to the top where it's released and descends. This explains why only this specific coaster car will work with this toy.

Cars may be placed initially on a 12" parallel section on the lower front track supported by a two story starting booth. Plastic "Lever A" inside the booth releases each car. Metal "Lever B" (with anodized blue finish) allows descending cars to reenter or bypass the booth. Once a car reaches the bottom it engages the spring, drawn back to the top and the cycle repeats. It works flawlessly allowing you vary the distance between each car while it's operating.

The huge box is loaded with color illustrations on every panel. The top cover shows a front, night view of the Big Dipper and its three coaster cars all lit up at a carnival or fair. The front and rear aprons depict an overhead view. This rear apron also includes instructions printed in 5 different languages. The toy is shown again on the box sides without the carnival setting.

Size: 21" x 11" x 6¾"

Date Sold: Nov. 2010

Price Sold: $ 270


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