1959 Ichiko, Oldsmobile-88 2dr. Hardtop In Original Box

1959 Ichiko, Oldsmobile-88 2dr. Hardtop In Original Box

Beautiful and immense 13" tin litho Oldsmobile "Ninety-Eight" 2dr. hardtop, "Friction with Siren". Complete with original box, inserts, and tissue separator. Provenance from the Donald Kaufman Collection (KB Toys) includes original Bertoia auction hang tag. Very conservatively graded excellent+ condition.

This model is typically found as a two-tone, however this example is an unusual color combination of cherry red, pale yellow, and pink! Despite the triple coloring it's all original factory paint. Being the skeptic, I verified this under blacklight and magnifying glass examination (however I did find two small body touch-up's). Bertoia Auctions also did not list it as a repaint. Mr. Kaufman collected thousands of toys. Many of them were unusual hold-in-stock factory "defects", one-of-a-kind items, and prototypes. So considering its source the fact that this vehicle is a "tri-tone" isn't surprising.

The car was realistically styled after the actual Olds 88. It has an all tin litho body (interior and exterior) with embossed single plate black chassis. Lots of parts are plated; both brass and chrome finishes. Brass includes the triple mounted head/parking lights, rocket emblem hood mounted turn signals, and authentic ච? hood emblem. Chrome plating includes its huge wrap around front bumper with separate grille embossed "Oldsmobile", rear wrap around bumper also embossed "Oldsmobile", fin trim and taillights, embossed side and chassis edge molding, front and rear windshield frames with smoker windows, door handles, and last but not least huge 1½" diameter embossed wheel covers. The interior is has front and rear seating, a detailed dashboard, and a plastic steering wheel. It's marked only "Made In Japan" on the rear window well.

It also has both of its original blue tinted celluloid windshields. The tires are solid black rubber.

The friction drive works great. It makes a high pitched "reeee" siren sound while moving.

The box features a nearly panel-wide illustration of the Olds shown in perspective with a woman driver. The front, rear and side aprons show other colors and views of the car from the rear, side, etc. It has its two original inserts and tissue. The Kaufman tag is included as well.

Size: 13"

Date Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 1580


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