1951 Kenton Covered Wagon In Original Box

1951 Kenton Covered Wagon In Original Box

This is one of the finest examples of a Kenton post-war cast iron toy you'll see. Fresh to the collecting market it's a No.170 Covered Wagon with Two Horses, complete with original box, original cloth cover in factory envelope with instructions, plus original wax paper packing and dated packing newspapers. It had never been out of the box until I took the photo's below.

Guaranteed 100% original factory paint. It's one of the very, very few cast iron toys which I've had the privilege to call "mint" condition.

Advertised as "two toys in one" this particular toy was the highlight of Kenton's 1950 toy line appearing on the cover of their 1950 catalog. Kenton ended toy production in 1952.

The toy consists of a cast iron gold trimmed green wagon with steel plate bed and red under-carriage. It rides on four bright red, narrow spoke wheels; 3? diameter rear, 2? front". The wagon's hitched to two cast iron horses; one bright white and one deep black with silver mane/tail. Both are trimmed with gold harnessing and are tethered with their original reins and metal chain links. Each has its original rubber wheel under the front left hoof. It's driven by a single cast iron figure dressed with black hat, dark blue uniform, and pink face.

It comes with its original pale-yellow cloth wagon cover. Both of its original arc-shaped wire "forms" remain stitched into the hems. The "forms" create the Conestoga wagon appearance when hooked around pegs located inside the wagon bed. It's never been attached! The cover comes with it's original envelope printed with a schematic diagram and 2-step instructions. This is the first envelope of this type I've seen.

When I purchased this toy the individual parts were still factory wrapped inside the original box. It had never been assembled, or hitched.

The box is heavy stock light brown cardboard sealed with a large locking tab flap on top. It's original "Kenton Toys" label is affixed to one end. Inside the box is all of its original wax paper packing, and (as so frequently used back then) its original newspaper packing. The newspaper is the Toledo Blade, dated December 9, 1951. The Kenton factory was located approximately 75 miles from Toledo.

Size: 15"

Date Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 494


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