1918 Electrical Experimenter Science & Invention

1918 Electrical Experimenter Science & Invention

For 15¢ this early 71 page magazine provided experimental plans for aspiring inventors. All were based on some function of electricity. Published September, 1918 it focused on war-time devices, but some were very "esoteric". The cover story illustrates a theoretical aerial combat showing enemy biplanes being snared into a multi-armed lassoing anti-aircraft device. Similar to a bolo the idea was to fire a single "mother" shell which would release four "liquid flame bombs". The bombs were connected by piano wire to the mother shell. They'd begin spinning, drawing closer to the enemy aircraft until contact was made. The device could also spin on its own, simultaneously releasing its four bombs while airborne. In the words of the inventor it was a lethal weapon "from which there is no escape". Best of all...The cover image is fantastic!

The pages were printed in black and white and have many photographs (i.e. "175 illustrations"). You could learn about other inventions like the "Electric Sea-Tanks" (see 2nd photo), "New Electrical Ideas on Submarines and Torpedoes", or a demonstration Of "Thought-Transference" (see 4th photo), or "The Gyro-Electric Destroyer", plus lots more. But there were also practical experiments like "Manipulation of Glass Tubing", how to make a "Trick Shocking Battery" and "Experimental Chemistry". 

The magazine sponsored a monthly "How To Make It" contest. 1st prize was $3.00 (three), 2nd prize was $2.00, and 3rd prize was a buck. There were two winners for September, 1918 (does that mean they get $1.50). They were "How I Made A Radiumgraf" (yes, the kid used a radium salt delivered by the post office), and "A Miniature Book Light". 2nd place was awarded for an "Electric Collar Button"!

Much of the magazine was devoted to advertising. This included the availability of purchasing radium (yep, through the U.S. Post Office), an automatic "Nose Shaper" (see 5th photo), patent advice, how to become a Morse code operator, and a correspondence course to become a "certified electrician". The back cover has the most prominent ad declaring "amazing opportunities in the Airplane Industry".

Sold: Feb. 2010

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