c.1930 Dent Hardware Co. "Big Chief" Derringer Cap Pistol

c.1930 Dent Hardware Co.

Elegant cast iron "Big Chief" single shot derringer cap pistol. Extraordinary example is an unused product sample complete with its original Dent Hardware Co. hang tag.

Small derringer style pistol looks much older, but it was actually one of Dent's later produced cap guns. It was made until 1940. It features single action firing (hammer must be manually cocked to move trigger forward), hexagonal barrel, and diamond cross-hatched grips. The left frame side is embossed "BIG CHIEF" in raised lettering. The right side has "MADE IN U.S.A.".

The hang tag is heavy paper stock printed with the company name, address, the word "sample", and a dotted space for its catalog number. "472" and "Gun Metal" were hand written in ink. The back is blank. The string appears to be original as well. It's interesting that the metal ring encircling the tag is not steel, or iron, but is aluminum. That's not surprising considering that Dent was THE first company to produce an aluminum toy!

Size: 3½"

Date Sold: Sept. 2010

Price Sold: $ 104


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