c.1960 Yonezawa, Mr. Robot In Original Box

c.1960 Yonezawa, Mr. Robot In Original Box

Spectacular example of the classic battery operated Mr. Robot in near mint+ condition complete with original box and both original inserts. Purchased from the original owner the toy was never used except for special occasions (and it looks it)! Every function works beautifully!

Early style skirted robot embossed, brilliant red enameled tinplate body and battery cover, with freely swinging glossy jet black hooked arms, side skirt trim, "epaulets", and base plate with rotating disk. Black chest emblem with "Cragstan's Mr. Robot" detail is tin litho including silver color ventilation plate.

Everything from the neck up is polystyrene plastic molded in several different colors including clear transparent, blue, red, and yellow. The four coil antenna and helical arc coil are all metal.

The toy moves using the twin rubber wheels mounted in the rotating disk centered in the baseplate. Two smaller rubber wheels located in the rear corners of the baseplate provide the random "mysterious" direction. The front corners have truncated (flattened) dimples which stabilizes its upright position. Top-side (and simultaneously), the brain core which retains the internal coils, spins rapidly and lights up (see photo below) inside the transparent dome. Best of all everything works flawlessly!

The box cover shows an accurate representation of the actual toy. Its rotating lights and random automatic movement are prominently advertised. The Cragstan's name, which is conspicuously printed on ever box panel, was the name of the U.S. importer and distributor. The trademark logo for the actual Japanese manufacturer, Yonezawa, is embossed on the underside baseplate. The box side skirts were printed with nearly identical graphic and text information, only smaller. The complete box bottom is included as well as the original baseplate and head stabilizing inserts.

Size: 11"

Date Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 1299


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