c.1938 11pc Hand Painted Soldier Set In Original Box

c.1938 11pc Hand Painted Soldier Set In Original Box

Marked only as "Made In Japan" this is an 11 pc. hand painted lead soldier set has every piece in factory perfect condition. 

The toy was old store stock; never purchased and which finally made its way into a mid-western collection where it resided for many years. I bought from the collector who got it off the shelf when the store went out of business several decades back.

Includes five piece orchestra, flag bearer, three infantrymen, one officer (lower left corner), and a major officer on horseback. The only soldier with a moving part is the officer in the lower left corner. His right arm swivels. Of course this was necessary to salute the officer on horseback as he parades by making his inspection. Their uniforms are a dark green color.

Every soldier has never been removed from the backing card. The original cotton cord is still in place on every one. It even has its two original strip-style inserts!

The original box was covered in brilliant red paper which features a panel wide color illustration of pre-war style soldiers in battle and marching. Check out the style of the rifle used by the prone soldier in the foreground. Also not the Cavalry officer in full charge next to an advancing WWI era tank!

Size: Approx. 2¼" tall. Horseback is slightly taller. Box 6¼" x 10¼" x 1"

Date Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 242


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