1934 Mickey Mouse Waddle Book Blue Ribbon Books Inc

1934 Mickey Mouse Waddle Book Blue Ribbon Books Inc

Scarce, early, hard cover Mickey Mouse Waddle book printed by Blue Ribbon Books, Inc. Features a story as well as cut-out "characters that come out and walk" called Waddles. The book is original from 1934. The Waddles are recent reproductions and are complete.

Four Waddles were originally included as attached punch-out pages; Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Tanglefoot (horse). Waddles are similar to ramp walker toys, but two or three times the size. They were made from folded paper and held together with brass connectors. In addition, a punch-out paper inclined ramp, and a small envelope to hold the brass connectors would have been provided.

And lastly, because of the bulky accessories, an illustrated full color paper band was originally placed around the book to keep it neatly together.

The story involves Mickey racing his new horse, Tanglefoot, against Farmer Gideon Goat and his horse Bromide. The story is simple, beautifully written and illustrated. It's contains 28 pages; 14 in brilliant full color, and 14 in black and white. Two additional color pages would've held the punch out Waddles.

The book itself has hard covers with an awesome color illustration showing Mickey placing Waddles onto the ramp. The front and back inside covers have identical illustrations of Mickey and Minnie offering food to Tanglefoot (see photo). The next page has a color drawing of Mickey holding a Waddles Banner (see photo). Copyright information is next (see photo), followed by the story title, and finally the story itself. After reading several pages the first set of Waddles appears. The page was serrated near the spine which allowed it to be torn out easily.

This copy has only the remaining half of the serrated strip. Several more pages followed, and then the second set of Waddles shows up. These were also torn out on my copy. A few more pages and the story ends. The last two pages of the book were printed with very complicated black and white schematic illustrations with step by step assembly instructions.

The book is complete and still has its original instructions, however the Waddles were punched out long ago. An identical set of reproduction Waddles including the ramp, black plastic leg connectors with envelope, and paper band are included. These materials come in a large envelope. On one side of the envelope is a revised and less complicated set of instructions (not shown). The other side has a laser scanning code.

Size: 10¼" x 7½"

Date Sold: Jul. 2009

Price Sold: $ 88


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