1953 Technofix, Rocket Express Monorail In Original Box

1953 Technofix, Rocket Express Monorail In Original Box

Superb single car clockwork tin litho Rocket Express Monorail by Technofix complete with original box. Track and rocket are marked "Made in U.S. Zone Germany". The box is marked "Made in Western Germany". Also has original nickel plated Technofix key.

Toy consists of four embossed track sections with rounded edges which form a large oval. The sides of the track are level while the front and rear sections have a raised hump. The sections are lithographed on both sides with futuristic images of cars, trucks, trains, factories, cities and country sides. The one consistent image is the continuous monorail. Up, down, behind, and in front, but alway running on an elevated track. The only recognizable logo is a small Coca-Cola sign (shown below).

The monorail is a football shaped rocket; bright yellow body, red outlines around the blue windows and doors and highlighted in black. It has a raised dome at the top and a single start/stop lever. It runs on two in-line train wheels and uses a rear stabilizer to stay upright. It runs in one direction and winds-up using an unattached key.

The box cover has a beautiful single panel image of the Rocket Express in full color without any text. It shows a multi-level city with rear-fin car, a speeding train, and the monorail at the highest level. Silhouetted images of the monorail are printed on the front and rear aprons. Manufacturer name and model number on the sides.

Size: Track oval is 22" x 12" assembled. Rocket car 4-¾".

Date Sold: Aug. 2010

Price Sold: $ 644


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