c.1955 Lousa (Portugal) Clockwork Bus In Original Box

c.1955 Lousa (Portugal) Clockwork Bus In Original Box

Unusual tin litho clockwork bus with die cut windows complete with original box and key. Manufactured by de Lousa in Portugal. I've seen only one other toy, a small train, produced by this company.

Archaic looking toy appears to have been hand cut and hand assembled. Dotted lines indicating where the metal should be cut can still be seen in the front corners (see first photo). In fact each side of the bus is a separate piece of tinplate; front, rear, top, bottom, and sides (6 total). It's lithoed in brilliant, near psychedelic swirled colors of ocher and mandarin orange. The underside looks like it may have been hand painted. The black wheels are made from two pressed tinplate disks and also look hand painted. The front grille assembly and rear bumper are polished tinplate. The separate key is painted gray and appears to be original.

The rear wheels are powered using a simple single gear spring mechanism. The underside has a small lever which turns the front wheels left of right.

The rear right corner is lithoed with a rabbit trademark and "de Lousa". Lousa translates in English to "blackboard". The underside chassis is stamped "Made In Portugal".

It has its original two piece, fiber board, paper-covered box. It's covered with repeating fairy tale images of Hansel and Gretal, Frog Prince, Snow White, and some others I don't recognize.

Despite finding this bus one other time about 10 years ago I still could not locate any references to the manufacturer. Even "The World of Bus Toys & Models", Schiffer Pub., 1999 has no reference for this toy.

Size: 9½" x 2½" x 3"

Date Sold: Sept. 2010

Price Sold: $ 130


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