1960 Nomura, Oldsmobile Fire Chief Car in Original Box

1960 Nomura, Oldsmobile Fire Chief Car in Original Box

Terrific tin litho two door Oldsmobile Fire Chief Car manufactured by Nomura. Comes complete with original box and tissue paper separator. Purchased from the estate of the original owner. 

Brilliant red (of course), embossed tin litho body with flat tin plate interior. Fire Chief and F.D. markings on front and rear hoods, and both doors. Prominently features a large, red, bubble non-electrified emergency "light" on the roof. Authentically detailed with Olds front grille, double headlights, bumper and Oldsmobile logo (just above the front grille on the hood). Also just below the rear trunk a large "OLDSMOBILE" logo was lithoed between the two tail lights. Chassis is single plate, colored dark gray.

In addition to the heavily chromed bumpers and grille, both front and rear windshield frames were plated, as were all four embossed wheel hubs. The tires are solid black rubber and it has both of its original blue tinted celluloid windshields. Friction motor works well, but gives out after a few turns. 

Two piece box features a color illustrated Japanese style drawing of two occupants racing to a burning building. The car was authentically drawn to resemble the actual toy. Side panels show a simpler drawing, but still true to the car styling. 

Size: 9".

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 242


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