1924 Wolverine, No.28 "Over & Under Auto Lift" in Original Box

1924 Wolverine, No.28

Complete and working clockwork steel litho Over & Under toy manufactured by Wolverine Supply & Mfg. High grade excellent+ toy complete with original box plus original insert box (which held the car). The insert box is the first I've seen.

Colorful five piece toy uses an automatic revolving lifting mechanism to raise a 2½" long jalopy onto the higher of two tracks. Weight of the car and the tracks center of balance tilts it down onto a longer, lower track. Gravity rolls it downhill and back to the lifting mechanism. Perfect timing tilts the track back into its original raised position (once the auto has rolled off of it), allowing the auto to pass underneath it and reengage the lift. Repeats over and over. Key is attached and exposed clockwork makes it very interesting to watch.

Original red, white, and blue box has detailed directions and schematic illustration printed on the cover. Aprons are printed with overlaid circular pattern which was characteristically used for many Wolverine toys. Also includes the original insert box which keeps the car from rolling around inside the box. It has a centered diecut rectangle on one panel which allows the drivers hear to fit through. Never seen one of these little boxes before.

Size: 25½".

Sold: Apr. 2009

Price Sold: $ 190


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