c.1948 Distler, Mercedes Style Cabriolet in Original Box

c.1948 Distler, Mercedes Style Cabriolet in Original Box

Fabulous, early post-war, lithographed tinplate Mercedes style Cabriolet two-seater sports car with clockwork motor. Manufactured by Distler, U.S. Zone, Germany. In beautiful near mint condition, complete with original box and original Distler key.

Features handsome teal green body with red bench seat interior and chrome plated, mirrored chassis. Includes working metal steering wheel with movable front wheels, start/stop handbrake lever, and dashboard clutch with three forward gears, plus neutral and reverse. Brake and clutch both have original black rubber handles. Body design includes raised fenders, quarter panels, and running boards, with embossed doors, hood, and hood louvers, and trunk mounted spare tire. Interior has embossed divided cushioned bench seat and gray cowl. Windshield is divided, circular style with chrome frame and original celluloid. Chassis is single piece, chrome plated with mirror finish, embossed with "Made In U.S. Zone, Germany". 

Loaded with chrome; hood divider, fender turn signals, headlights, wrap around rear and front bumpers with license plate, bubble wheel caps, and massive front grille. Separate key is nickel plated cast iron and correct for this model. Tires are solid black rubber, treaded whitewalls mounted on red metal hubs. 

The box was illustrated on every panel is true Distler fashion. Various views and angles of the car were shown on the three main panels, plus the right endflap. Each main panel is accompanied by a detailed inset drawing representing one of three world famous cities; New York, London, and Paris. The left endflap includes a blow-up illustration of the interior using arrows to show operation of the steering wheel, clutch, and brake. The box is complete with its original bottom and top sections.

Size: 10".

Sold: Sep. 2008

Price Sold: $ 737


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