1929 Marx, Municipal Aeroplane Hangar in Original Box

1929 Marx, Municipal Aeroplane Hangar in Original Box

The Municipal Aeroplane Hangar is the earliest of all the airport toys produced by Marx. It's also the oldest Marx unused store stock toy that I've ever found. I've seen this toy as a complete set only once or twice. It grades as the highest condition I've seen, either as a set, or for the individual components. And it comes complete with it's beautiful original box.

The set includes the hangar, high wing flywheel driven monoplane, and two manual aerogas pumps. Every part is lithographed tinplate.

Municipal aeroplane hangar - Orange and red sideboards with red block foundation consisting of three walls with open front. Each wall has two die cut windows with nine panes in each window. The base is embossed gray, with green underside and beveled edges. It has a two tier green roof with scalloped roof tiles. "Municipal Airport" and a large arrow pointing to the right is lithoed on the front section of the roof which slopes down gradually. The rear section of the roof is a more angled "v" shape. A "Municipal Air Port Hangar" sign, embossed with the first style Marx logo stands upright on the front edge above the opening.  

Size: 6" x 5¼" x 3¼". 

High Wing Monoplane - Silver high wing monoplane with engine manifolds closely resembling Lindbergh's Wright J-5 Whirlwind engine. Large blue wheels up front directly connected to it flywheel inertia driven motor. Also has a smaller rear stabilizing wheel. Propeller rotates as monoplane moves. 

Size: 4½" wingspan and fuselage.

Aerogas Pumps - Orange and red tapered lollipop style pumps set onto a circular blue base (the base is the same piece of metal used for the monoplane's wheels). Copper colored hand crank in front. "Gasoline" lithoed diagonally across the lower section of the pump. "Aero Gas" lithoed on the lollipop. The toy originally came with a single pump. I had another one which I've added to the set. 

Size: 2-3/8".

Box - Beautifully illustrated, detailed box shows an accurate depiction of the hangar with the monoplane in front. A ground technician is shown starting the propeller using manual rotation. The pilot and another man look on. Several other well dressed men in the foreground are involved in different activities. A U.S. Mail truck is shown waiting in the lower right corner with its doors open (to either receive or dispense mail). In the background three more monoplanes are shown. One is in a landing pattern, while the other two look like they just took off. The manufacturer name and address appear along the bottom edge. The shorter main panels have only the name of the toy spelled out in blocked lettering with framed edges. The endflaps have the Marx motto and patent information printed in small letters on the top flap. The bottom flap is blank.

Size: 6¼" x 5½" x 3¼".

Sold: Sep. 2008

Price Sold: $ 981


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