c.1930 Marx, Press Lever Top Set in Original Box

c.1930 Marx, Press Lever Top Set in Original Box

The idea of using a spring loaded, hand held mechanism to release a top that would automatically spin without having to go through the tediousness of throwing it manually had been in use since the turn of the century. But Marx took it a little further by creating a "set" of tops, which were spherical rather than cone shaped. Using steel instead of tin, the spheres were attractively lithoed, one like a globe and the other as a two sided face. A solid sturdy steel plunger was included. They were all packed into a nicely illustrated box and you have the Marx Press Lever Top Set. This particular example has never been played with and is complete with both spheres, original plunger, box insert, and illustrated box. 

The toy is easy to use. Just screw one of the spheres onto the plunger. This increases the spring tension inside the plunger. Push down the plunger to release the top and off it goes. Four circular holes punched into the sides of the top gives it a high whining sound as it spins. The two-faced sphere also has a spring at the bottom. When it's released it'll both spin and bounce simultaneously.  

The box was was illustrated with a family of four kiddies dressed in period 1930's clothing and hair styles. A large hand in the upper right corner shows the more attractive double faced sphere up-close. The instructions are printed on the front and rear cover aprons. The insert is die cut to perfectly fit the three toy parts. Both the top and and bottom sections of the box were assembled without glue or staples. A unique system of interlocking tabs keeps each corner firm. 

Size: Box 7" long. Spheres 2" diameter. 

Sold: Apr. 2009

Price Sold: $ 365


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