c.1955 Ohta, Battery Operated Cyclist Penguin in Original Box

c.1955 Ohta, Battery Operated Cyclist Penguin in Original Box

Fabulous battery operated tin litho Cyclist Penguin in incredible near mint- (minus) condition and complete with original box. Super scarce toy has six action and every one of them works beautifully! This is the only example of the toy and box I've seen.

My research on this toy started out by trying to identify the manufacturer. It has the letter K enclosed inside three, concentric, segmented circles. At first glance it looked easy enough. Two hours later I was still trying to figure out who made the thing. I finally identified the company by searching through my local library data base! Afterwards I found a second trademark on the toy which I gave up on. 

Extremely colorful toy lithoed in black and white and wearing the quintessential penguin tuxedo (which is flocked fabric). His cap is blue and trimmed with yellow around the brim. He wears a white collarless shirt and blue striped trousers. He has a large spherical black and white head with huge blue eyes. The brilliant orange beak completes his handsome appearance. It even has a red tongue lithographed inside the lower beak. 

The cycle is a combination of brilliant orange and yellow. A large bell with a star lithoed in the center is fixed to the rear. The wheel are striped in concentric circles of yellow, white, orange, and blue. The rims are blue with areas of black. The wheels in particular catch your attention, especially while it's moving. 

The toy is complete and all original without any touch-up's. The single button attached remote control battery box, with cardboard liner and wiring is original to the toy. It moves only in a forward direction. The most noticeable of its multiple actions are its articulated legs and feet. They move up and down and extend out just slightly enough to simulate realistic motion.  Of course, the rear wheels start to turn. As it moves, the penguin's lower beak opens and closes. A squawking sound is also produced. A bell on the back of the cycle also rings. Up front a headlight turns on. The light is an antique flat face bulb which is original to the toy and works great. 

The original box has a terrific color print of the Cyclist Penguin in action. It shows him riding away from his home and holding his hat so it doesn't fly off. Musical notes emanate from the bell. The K trademark is in the lower left corner. The long name of the toy fills up much of the upper half of this panel. The side aprons show the Penguin moving under the control of a running boy. The side aprons show a perspective angle of the Penguin. The toy name was printed on every panel and apron. One of the box bottom panels was stamped with "736/76". 

As I mentioned this is the only example of the toy or box I've seen. Don Hultzman in his book on battery operated toys rated it a rarity level of 9 (with 10 being the highest).

Size: 6½" tall. 5" long, 2¾" wide.

Sold: Apr. 2009

Price Sold: $ 285


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