1926 Buddy L #201-A Hydraulic Dump Truck

1926 Buddy L #201-A Hydraulic Dump Truck

Early pressed steel truck featuring the first self-raising hydraulic dump bed. Manufactured by Buddy L it was advertised to “raise a load of 12 pounds easily and indefinitely”. All original paint throughout. Grades Very Good.

Truck has all black front, hood, fenders, open seat, steering wheel, short running boards and dump body. Chassis is painted red with crimped-rod bumpers, suspension springs; and disc wheels with aluminum “tires”.

Hydraulic mechanism uses a 1” x 5½” brass cylinder with left side release lever. Tailgate unlatches to open.

Includes original Buddy L decals on both radiator front and right floorboard. Manual steering wheel turns front axle. Also includes most of its original braided pull cord. Originally retailed through the 1927 Sear-Roebuck catalog for $6.79.

Size: 25”. 

Price Sold: $ 700


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